What is it?

Twitmonger is a fork of the no longer developed Qwitter program. However, unlike Qwitter, Twitmonger only has the twitter pieces. We would like to step away from the do everything clients, and rather just focus on one aspect. This is what Twitmonger hopes to achieve.

notes and things to consider before you download or participate in this project.

Currently this program is in the alpha stages of development and is constantly being developed and worked on.
You are bound to find bugs, and things may not perform as described in the readme document.
This is expected behavior for an alpha release, but your hard work and continued patience will allow us to bring you the best client we can.

If you have a bug or suggestion, please access the bug tracker link in the navigation bar to submit your bug or suggestion.
Please keep the following in mind when submitting a bug or suggestion:

Even though we've relied heavily on the qwitter project source code, this program is in no way affiliated with that program that is no longer in development.

If your up to the challenge of being apart of a client that doesn't conform to the usual standards, and being apart of a client that will bring the same level of access to twitter whether aGUI is presentor not, then this client is for you.

we, the developers want to here your suggestions and ideas for improving the twitter experience, what do you like, what don't you like. What do you want to see changed in a future release?
Every idea has marrit somewhere, and we take pride in our work, and if your a fair and open minded individual that likes change and enjoys change that betters the experience, then this is the place for you.

What we won't accept from the community at large is constant pestering of our developers about a feature or bug that is being worked on; nor will we tolerate pestering about when the next release of the program will be out.
Auto update has been put in place, and when we have a knew version you will receive it automatically.
Our developers have lives, jobs outside this project, and other commitments that need their attention as well. If you've tracked a bug or suggestion, know that it's been seen by someone on the team, and that someone will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

If we reject an idea, or push it further up the development timeline, it's not that we don't like it, it may just mean that at the time you submited your idea it doesn't fit the current development schedule or the current path of the application as it stands.
All ideas are left in the database and never deleted, and if at a future time an idea we marked as undoable becomes doable, that idea will be reopened by an administrator.

are you ready?

After reading all the information on this page, and your still interested and ready to get started, use the navigational links to download the client, access the bug tracker, read the documentation, and access the wiki.

donate to the project!

Twitmonger takes a lot of time, and energy and system resources to develop.
Your donations go along way to keeping the project alive, paying bandwidth costs, etc.
We use paypal to process your donations.

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